The Exai Website Builder

The main idea about our site is to make it most convenient to create a website for our users. This is not just a vague saying , we have designed our site builder to be the most flexible and easy to use from all aspects. We are concerned that you would have the easiest time to create websites on our system and that it would be as less time consuming as it can be , that is because we know that - your time is valuable.

How do we know the Exai site builder is the most easy to use out there? 
Have you ever played with Lego when you were a child? well the Exai website builder is designed in a manner where you can build a site as if it was a tower from play cubes. The idea is that every single item on the site is like a cube. Each item you drag & drop into the site will fit itself to the other cubes automatically so you have a much easier time handling the items on your site!

So basically the Exai site builder allows you to build your site out of small flexible cubes that fit themselves to one another. That means that you as the website designer don't need to do a thing besides place the cubes on top of another. That is because the cubes will fit themselves into the website saving lots of time and effort.

How to play with cubes?

Just like anything else , like building a tower from cubes or riding a bycycle it is always good to at least learn the basics of what we do. That is why we encourage you to check out some of our basic tutorials regarding the system. This will ensure your comfortable website building experience and will let you be aware of the basics:

Get Started learning about Exai here!

If you have read those tutorials then you are good to go building a website on Exai!