Google and SEO

You have the ability to add a search box for your site and a search box to search Google. This is important for your customers to find information they are looking for. 

In terms of SEO, let Exai do the work for you.

All you need to know are these basic 7 elements: 

1. url 

2. meta-tag 

3. meta-description 

4. H1 and H2 

5. Send to google index 

6. Use keyword 3x 

7. 301-redirect 

(see common practice for SEO)

SEO is important because it allows your page to be found by Google. The higher your SEO ranking on Google, the more traffic comes to your site. 

When you change the website structure by renaming the page path, you affect the SEO. Make sure you put the old url page path into the redirect 301 box. This will redirect the old page to the new page, allowing you to keep your SEO rankings from before. (see 301 redirect)