Website design

With Exai’s many features, you can design a beautiful website either from scratch or with a template. 

Some of the features in design include: 

1. Resizing a Background Image 

2. Text on an Image

3. Clean Style 

4. Adding a table 

5. Adding a side menu 

(see below for more info)

Design Features:

1. You can resize a background image to display the size you choose. 

 The 3 options to change the size are: exact size, fit to width, and fit to height. 

2. Text on an image makes your website more modern and is easy to do with Exai.

3. Clean style allows you to copy and paste text from a word document onto your site. It cleans all the properties from the text except for the properties that are inherited from website text. (see website text)

4. Adding a table is useful to display important information on your site. For example, you can use a table to list prices for your product. 

5. A side menu is a menu that repeats on the same design structures. (See design structure) You can either place it to the left or right of the page or even add two side menus. A side menu is useful for small businesses that want or need to add lots of pages. You can also create sub menus under the main menu buttons. 

All of these features allow for a better design of the website to fit your needs.