The Widget Gallery

To make two items look alike you should first upload one item to the widget gallery. Then you should go to the other item's edit mode and choose to assign the design of the first item, simply by clicking on the item whithin the gallery and pressing Done.

  • Using this feature you can make one widget look like another without the need to copy it or redesign it. 
  • All of the content will stay the same as before , but with the assigned style. 
  • Later on you can apply changes to widgets which were assigned together in one go (see apply to similar widgets)

Here is how to make one widget look like another:

Step 1: Enter the  edit mode of the widget you want the other widget to look like

Step 2: Go to the style tab ( in orange)

Step 3: Click Gallery (in pink)

step 4: Click 'Add Current to Gallery' at the bottom right corner of the new window (in green)

Step 5: Go to the edit mode of the widget you want to look like the other

Step 6: Go to the style tab (in orange - image above)

Step 7: Click Gallery (in pink - image above)

Step 8: Click the item you just uploaded (in blue).

Congratularions you have learned to use the widget gallery!