Facebook Share Button:

To get Facebook Page Plugin first log in to Facebook and copy the URL. Then, go to The Facebook developers page and get the code. Use Exai's code widget to paste the code onto your site.

Here is how to add a Facebook Share Button:

Step 2: Follow their step-by step guidelines. 

Here is an example with exai.com:

Step 1: Go to Facebook, select and copy your url. 
Step 2: Paste URL under Share Button Configurator. 

In the example below, we used https://www.facebook.com/EXAI/. Replace this URL with the URL found on Facebook. 

Step 3: Choose layout 
Step 4: Click on Get Code. 

Step 5: Choose #1 and 2 and copy and paste your code into the code item.

Step 5: In edit mode in EXAI, drag and drop code widget to desired location

Step 6: Click edit icon and erase sample code 

Step 7: Copy and Paste codes C and D (above, from the Facebook developers site ) and click done 

Step 8: Refresh the page (ctrl+F5) 

Note: Your code will be different than the code displayed