Bulk and Recurring Payment History

Bulk billing and recurring billing history can be viewed in the transactions tab. Each transaction details the transaction ID, charge amount, status and details (website number which will redirect you to the invoice for this website transaction) along with your balance.Keep in mind that all BULK payments (monthly, annually) are made from your CREDIT CARD payments and not from your BALANCE payments.

Bulk payments are always made from the credit card, not from balance payments.

 If your client defaults on payment you will need to CLOSE THE WEBSITE (from My Sites - CRM). Closing a website is the only way to stop recurring payments. You can also reopen the website if required.

Here is how to view bulk and recurring payment history:

Step 1: Get into CRM by clicking my sites tab on Exai.com

Step 2: Click on Partner Administrator tab (A)

Step 3: Click Transactions tab (B)