With Individual Website Billing you have the opportunity of receiving higher payments from your clients based on what you have agreed to bill them for exclusive website building, website building plus preferential support and preferential support services.

In this example ID 103  the partner has billed a client for Exclusive Website Creation ($1500)and in ID 104 has paid Exai the $15 hosting fee resulting in a total balance of $1785

In ID 105 and 106 ,the partner bills the client at $150 for website creation and maintenance. 
In ID 106 $15 is deducted as Exai's monthly fee. 

You can click on website number 409972 to access the invoice for this website.This is a subscription payment for ongoing maintenance and hence the risk that your client may default on payment does exist. In this case the only way to stop recurring payment is to close the published website within CRM. The published website can always be reopened after being closed from within CRM.

How to access the deposit history:

Step 1: Log in to the CRM.
Step 2: Click on partner administrator tab (A).
Step 3: Click on the Transactions tab (B).