Dispute and Charge Back History

In case of disputes over unwanted payments, violation of contracts or suspicion of frauds, EXAI will reserve (reserve deposit) the disputed amount until the dispute on Bluesnap is finalized. This is a security regulation which exists to protect clients from Internet schemes or frauds.The most common reason for charge backs include: 

Quality: Client claims to have never received the goods as promised at the time of purchase; client was provided an item that was very different from the seller's description, or the item was not working when the client (buyer)  received it.
Fraud: Client claims they did not authorize the purchase, they did not make the purchase, or they were a victim of identity or credit card theft.

There are a number of variations that fall under the general category of disputes and charge backs:

Dispute (1) - A transaction that happens when a client makes a dispute over a payment that had been previously made. In  transaction 81 and 82 (See 1 ), the client made a payment dispute of $150 and therefore the reserve deposit on this transaction is $150. The balance has been corrected from $350 down to $200. In the detail column, you can click on the website number ( in this example which will redirect you to the invoice link.

Cancel Dispute (2) - If the partner won the dispute  or if the dispute had been cancelled , the funds go back to the original partner's balance. In this example , transaction 83 and 84 (See 2), the dispute of $150 was canceled and therefore the reserved transfer of $150  has been credited back to the partners balance. From $50 to $200.Reserve transfer (2) - A transfer that had been reserved as a 'Reserved deposit' due to a dispute between the client and partner.Here ID 84 is the reserve transfer that has been credited to the partners account as a result of the dispute being resolved.

Charge back (3) - If the Client has won the dispute then his funds are charged back from the partner's reserved deposits. In this example ID 89 there was  a charge back of $60 which has resulted in the partners balance being debited to a balance of $140 from $200. Here the reserve deposit is being used to credit the clients account by $60.The screenshot below details all 3 categories.

How to view transaction history:

Step 1: Log in to the CRM.
Step 2: Click on partner administrator tab (A).
Step 3: Click on the Transactions tab (B).