How to add/edit a Read More link or button:

To link an item with a "read more" link you should press the blue chain icon. Then choose an internal link in orange or an external link in green. Finally, choose the page you want by inserting an external link or choosing the internal page from the list and click done.

If you have chosen one of our templates for your website you probably can see that 'read more' link on the website. This page discusses adding/editing such 'read more' link. 

Here is how to add a read more tab:

Step 1: Link the widget by selecting the link icon (in orange).

Step 2: Click internal link in orange Or external link in green.

Internal link example:

external link example:

Step 3: Click Done.

Congratulations! You have chosen edited/added a 'read more' link!

Change name of the button:

 Step 4: Click out of the widget. 

 Step 5: Click on the pencil icon. 

 Step 6: Click on the Read More tab (orange). 

 Step 7: Change the Read More Text to any name you desire (red).

Note: Click on the “Read More” button to be directed to the advanced menu.

See examples below of Read more buttons.