Reseller program

This is an exciting opportunity for resellers to attract new customers and increase sales using Exai's infrastructure.

Exai’s strategic RESELLER program gives you the tools you need to build and run your own partner program on Exai’s platform. You earn ongoing commissions for as long as your sub accounts are active and paying. 

You can set your own prices and permission roles for each sub account you create.  You can see more details on pricing and tier structure HERE.

Here is how to access the reseller program:

 Step 1: Click the ALL PARTNERS TAB in CRM 

 Step 2: Click ADD PARTNER and complete all the details. Once complete click CREATE 

 Step 3: After creating a sub partner under your account, EDIT the sub account and set your price and permission roles.

After logging into the CRM, Click All Partners (1).

Then to add a partner, click add partner (2).

Complete the partner details and click create tab when complete.

Only after you have created your sub account will you be able to edit and set the price along with permission roles for each partner under your management.

After you have created and saved the partner, you can edit and configure the pricing.