How to use textbox field?

To use textbox field you get into edit mode. Then, drag and drop the form widget onto the page. Hover over the form widget and click on the pencil icon. Next, drag and drop a basic textbox field. Double click on the field and click the pencil icon to edit it. The textbox field allows you to enter a single line of text.

Text box field is used in conjunction with any FORM ITEM WIDGET. You can place a single line of text into the form making it highly customizable. Drag the widget into any form and edit it.

Here is how to use textbox field:

Step 1; First, drag and drop the form widget. Next hover over the widget and click the pencil icon.
Step 2: Drag and drop a basic text box field (A to B).
Step 3: Double click on the field to edit it (B).

The textbox field is essentially the same as the text area field but without the option to extend the text area. You can of course edit and relabel as required.
When a form is submitted to your e-mail (or the mail you have set) this is what the textbox html field will look like: