How to add a thank you page to a contact us form?

To add a thank you page to a contact us form first create a new page and then link it to the form.

Each contact us form can have a thank you page which will appear when the form is submitted. Thank you pages are very common to forms on the internet and allow verification of the form being sent. If you want your clients/visitors to be able to know that they have submitted their forms successfully, then you can set up a thank you page. 

Here is how to add a thank you page:

Step 1: Create a new page on your website as a 'thank you page' (see creating a new page). 
Here is an example of what a thank you page looks like:
Step 2: Click on the link icon (A) of the contact form.
Step 3: Choose internal link (B) in order to link the form to the 'thank you' page. 
Step 4: Choose the 'thank you page' you created in page settings. (C) (see step 1)
Step 5:Click Done. (D)  

Congratulations, you have added a new thank you page!