An overview to getting started

Exai provides you with an extensive support section in the event that you need information on using the platform. You can search for any topic in the search bar and access a range of resources and topics on your subject.

Exai is designed to be easy to use,making it an excellent choice for non technical users who want a professional-looking website solution that is fully managed and maintained.

Getting started with Exai is easy. Once you have selected a template that you like and registered your account, you can start creating content and adding new pages. We have  a range of free templates covering many different markets from personal to business. You can upload your Logo and any media images you want to appear on the site as well. 

  • The Exai platform provides you with a WYSIWYG Drag and Drop Editor: The Drag and Drop editor in the left panel contains all the tools you need to design, create and edit your entire website. Every part of your website is fully editable. To use an analogy, Exai is like building Lego where each "Cube" you drag and drop on the page is represented by a Lego block. You can resize, redesign, edit text and images, place social links and mapping onto your page. 
  • Publishing your site: The final stage of creating a website is publishing your pages. Exai provides you with 21 day's to use the platform before upgrading.Your upgraded package includes website hosting and full use of the Exai platform to build your site.

We look forward to welcoming you on-board. For convenience we also provide an on-line chat facility to address any help issues. Feel free to use it whenever you need to.