Website Settings:

Through website settings you can set up many global things for you website. You can change information about your website and your company that you have added at the time of website creation, like company information, website information etc.

Here is how to get into website settings:

In order to get into the website settings you do have to follow these steps 

Step 1: Login to your EXAI account and open the website in edit mode. 

Step 2: Click on the gear icon on the top left corner of the website editor.

Step 3: Click on website settings.

Step 4: An internal popup window will appear with the current values for the website information. Edit the values that you want to change. 

    It is important to enter your phone number as this will enable the "call function" on your mobile site. 
Under website settings section there are 2 main sub sections
    General Settings: Within this section you can change the company and website information. This section have two further categoriesCompany Information: It contains the information about the company, like company name, expertise, phone, fax, address, working hours, etc.Website Settings: It contains the information about the website, like website name, language, description, keywords, upload favicon etc.Advanced Settings: Under this section you can setup your Google and Facebook account information related with the website like you can add the Google verification code provided by google for you website and upload Google verification file etc. You can also add some global scripts and styles that you want your website to follow under the head script area.Verification: Under this section you can add your Google verification tag and upload the Google verification file provided by Google.Account Management: Under this section you can add you Google and Facebook account details. You can add your Facebook user id, Facebook Application ID, and your Google Author ID in this section.Head Script: Under this section you can add all your head scripts and styles that you want your website to follow as the global scripts and styles. You can also add your google verification code under this section.