Under the Website settings you can easily add the details about your company. First click on the gear icon and then click on Website Settings. Finally, type in your company details in the left column.

Inserting your company details lets search engines such as Google crawl your site and present the details in the search results. This is the reason Google can give the contact information of companies right away. Also, those details have implications about the mobile site generated for your website. For example when you add the address of your company it will automatically show on your mobile site. 

Here is how to add the details of my company:

Step 1: Click on the gear icon.  (See how to get into website settings.)

Step 2: Click on website settings.

Step 3: Under the General Settings tab, the left column is for company details. Add the information about your company like Name, Expertise, Phone, etc.m (red)

Step 4: Click done.