How Do I Add A New Page To My Website Through Page Settings?

You can add an unlimited amount of pages. Each page can be found in page settings.

To add a page in page settings first, click on the gear icon. Then, click on page settings. Next, click on the add new page icon. Finally, type in the name of the new page in the text box and hit enter.

Here is how to add a new page to my website through page settings:

Step 1: Click on the gear icon on the left right corner (A in orange).

Step 2: Choose the Page settings from the drop-down menu (B). 

Step 3: Click on the add new page icon (C). 

Step 4: Enter the name of new page in the text box and click add a new page button (D).

Each page on Exai has it's own design. The page that you have created might not have the design you desired. To learn how to apply design from other pages to your page , see Design structure page.

Note: By default all new pages are created as a sub-page of home, but if you want to create a subpage for any other page then before clicking on the add new icon select the page for which you want to create a sub-page.