How to add pages:

There are two ways to add pages either adding a new menu button or by going to the page settings screen.

1. Adding a menu button 

Automatically links the button when you create a new page 

2. Go to Page settings and add a new page 

Creates page independently from the button ,meaning that if you want it to be linked with a button on your website you will need to link the button to the page.

Here is how to add pages:

1. Adding a menu button that link to pages:

Step 1: Drag and drop a button from Menu Buttons page (as shown in A).

Step 2: click on edit icon of the button
Step 3: type in name for page in header (B)
Step 4: click add a new page (C)
Congratulations! You have added a page. This page will be listed as an internal link when you go to Page settings. See below. 

2. Go to Page Settings and add a new page.
In order to create links to choose from you need to go to Page settings.
Step 1: Click on add a new page icon (1.) 
Step 2: type in name of new page and click add a new page (2.)
 Step 1:  Hover over the button and click the pencil icon.
 Step 2: Type in name for page in header and choose internal (A) or external link (B)

Step 3: For an internal link choose the page and click done (see below)

OR for an external link type in the desired URL of the website


Congratulations!  You have added a page.

(See page navigation to navigate between pages)