To rearrange a site map, first click on the gear icon and then click on page settings. You can either hide a page or change the order of the page. 

  • To hide a page, choose the page and then click on the eye icon. 
  • To change the order, click on the page and drag and drop to the desired location.

To rearrange your site map first go to page settings.

Here is how to rearrange your site map:

Step 1: Click on page settings (A and B)

There are 2 things that can be done to change the sitemap: 

Hide or drag and drop to another location.

To hide:

Step 2: Click any page. After selecting the page it will be highlighted in blue (C), and then click the "eye" icon to hide it from the sitemap (D). 

To drag and drop:

Step 2: Click desired page and drag it to the place you would like – under the main root – Home or as a sub page of any other page. ( Drag C below contact us E)

See example below of about us page being moved to be a sub page of contact us.

**Please Note:

    Home – can't be changed or removed from site map.Any change in the structure of the site map will only affect the site map- nothing will be done to the website's content itself.