Exai will automatically generate a Sitemap for your website. The sitemap simply helps search engines crawl your site more effectively.

Submitting your sitemap to Google is essential. Here we show you how. You must have a Google account for this.

Step 1: Visit the Google Analytics website here  and sign in. Complete your details and generate you’re HTML tag tracking code (Alternative Methods).

Step 2: Add the Google Analytics tracking code to your new website

Step 3: Now go to and click the add a site icon. Fill in your domain name and proceed to VERIFY your account. 

Step 4: Go to Google Index (Side Menu); remember to fill in the text sitemap.xml into the CRAWL   section search bar. 

Submit your sitemap and complete the process by clicking the Fetch and Render Google icon. 

Your website can now be crawled by Google and start appearing in Google’s search results. 

To see how to view your sitemap , click HERE.