How to change the size of a right image & left image layouts?

This is a text item which has a styled header and text. Each part has its own editor.

This text is just an example item. Replace the content of the item with your own data & content.

To edit this text - click it.

Here is how to change the size of the image layouts:

Step 1: Make sure you are in the Layout tab, if not then enter it by clicking the layout tab inside the text & image item's edit mode .
Step 2: Choose which layout you require (image on left or on right). 
Step 3: Choose the desired size. Resizing any item can only be done from the first 2 layouts (upper left and upper right). In the example below , the 2 layouts next to each other have been resized to medium and small so that the image and text fit your requirement.
Step 4: Click DONE.