How to change the width of the site:

To change the width of your website, first go into design mode. From there, you can either drag the vertical line of the editable part or click on the layout tab and choose the desired site width.

Here is how to change the width of the site:

Step 1: Go to the Design Mode. 

Step 2: Now you have two options to set the width of your site: 

 1. By simply dragging the left vertical line of the editable part 
 2. By going into the Layout tab under Design Mode.

Under this tab you will find 6 options for 1880, 1560, 1320, 1240, 980 and 780. You can select any of them as per your requirements. 

Finally, check the checkbox different master page for home page to create 2 different design structures.

See information on design structures to add more than two. 

Note: you can have as many design structures as you desire.