How to choose two columns website layout:

To choose a website with two columns, first click Design mode. Next, click the layout tab. Finally, click on the two column layout option.

Here is how to choose a two column website layout:

Step 1: Get into the edit mode of your site.

Step 2: Click on the Design tab.

Step 3: Click the Layout category.

Step 4: Choose one of the two columns website layouts and click on it. 

A website with two columns is a website which contains one center column and one side column. The center column changes when you navigate between the pages of the website, while the side column always stays the same. This attribute of a two column site can help you have both changing and unchanging content on your site. For example, the side column can serve as a place for a side menu bar (which stays the same on every page). 

The side column can appear either on the left or on the right according to your choice. You can also choose to have two side columns if you wish which is a three column website.