How to choose a three column website layout:

To choose a website with three columns, first click on Design mode. Next, click the layout tab. Finally, click on the three column layout option.

Here is how to choose a three column website layout:

Step 1: Get into the edit mode of your site. 

Step 2: Click on the Design tab.

Step 3: Click the Layout category.

Step 4: Click on the three columns layout option.

A website with three columns is a website which has one center column and two side columns. The content of the center column changes according to each webpage, while the side columns hold the same content for every page on the website. The three column website layout allows you have both changing and unchanging content on your site. Also by having more than one side column you can insert more unchanging content to your website (content that will show on each and every page). For example, if you want to have both a side menu bar and a contact us form on the side (So it would show on each and every page) you can have them on each of the side columns.