How do I search in your photos gallery:

To search in your photos gallery, first, enter the image editor and click on the image search button. Next, type in the keyword under the search tab. 

Want to use public picture gallery to select images - You can search for the images in EXAI's huge gallery, in place of uploading images. 

Step 3: You will see 6 tabs: this website, my documents, my videos, all websites, icons, and search. Click on search.
Step 4: Under the search tab type in the keyword for the image you are searching for (You will get autosuggestions.) OR search by category (Click the category).

Step 5: Choose type of image or height of image: all images, landscape, portrait, height 200 px, 300 px, 400 px, or 600 px.

Step 6: Click the search button (magnifying glass).

Step 7: Select the appropriate image from the search results, and click Done.