What are Roles? 

Role Groups are predefined categories in Exai (about 13 different roles). Each Role Group has different permissions or roles (what is allowed and not allowed). You have the ability to add or take away permissions for each Role Group. There are 484 different permissions (roles) you can choose from. 

These role groups allow you flexibility to set what the users can and cannot do on the website. 

See the example of roles in the screenshot below. 

Here is how to use roles:

Step 1: Log in to the CRM. 

Step 2: Click on AllRolesGroup tab. 

Step 3: Click on roles to view permissions. 

Note: On the next screen, click delete to delete roles. 

Step 4: Click on assign new roles to this group to add new roles.

Step 5: Choose the roles you desire and click add.

The best way to see what is allowed and not allowed is to test it on a web browser. 

Test each role in the web browser to see which processes are allowed and which are restricted.

Testing is the best way to see what is restricted and what is not. 

Note: Refresh the page each time for each role.