How can I define spacing within an element?

Want to adjust Element Spacing - With the Exai's website Builder you can easily adjust the spacing for any element or spacing between two elements.

To set spacing within any widget element just set the outer spacing or inner spacing to fit your design requirements. as follows:Step 1: Open your website in Edit Mode 
Step 2: Click the pencil icon of the widget Step 3: Click STYLE tab.Step 4: Click the SPACING tool.Step 5: Make your spacing adjustments accordingly (inner/outer or both)


There are four buttons for each space measurement corresponding to the top, sides, and bottom of the element. The element can be an image or a header or a text widget.

Here is an example.

In this case I’m using a text and image widget.  See below.

Go to style-spacing.

Next, change inner top spacing to 30 px.

Step 1:  click on desired icon.  In this case it is the inner top icon.

Step 2: click on px box  (#2) and type in desired size.  In this case we will choose 30 px.

Step 3: There are 2 ways for the changes to take effect.

a.      click on done    

b.     click anywhere on the space tool bar

Congratulations! You have changed the spacing.  This allows for more flexibility in the design of your webpage.