We are pleased to announce the launch of our new and enhanced billing system with payment functionality.Exai now supports processing payments on your behalf. Our billing system is meant for helping partners that cannot readily accept a variety of credit card payments and partners that want to grow their website subscription business.
Exai provides partners with easy to use navigation and a self serve control panel. The following screen shots show the Dashboard of Exais Billing CRM.
How to access the billing dashboard:Step 1: Log in to CRM. (Go to and click on my sites)
Step 2: Under the Partner Administrator tab, you have access to 3 tabs which allow you to manage your partner account.
Partner Users (1)-This section gives you a general view of all the users under a specific partner.Billing              (2)- Under this section you can check your account balance or submit paymentsTransactions  (3)-This section shows all the transactions in your account including a link to the invoices