To see your balance first log in to the CRM. Then, click on the partner administrator tab. Click billing tab and view balance.

Here is how to see my balance at Exai:

Step 1: Log in to CRM. (Go to and click on my sites) 
Step 2: Click on Partner Administrator tab (A)
Step 3: Click Billing tab (B)
Step 4: View balance (C).

The "Balance" icon on the dashboard gives you the ability to see your available funds (cash on Exai) on EXAI. Your balance serves as a local payment option for your websites and services provided as a partner. You can also pay any outstanding balance to Exai via your existing  balance.Your existing balance can be credited via providing your customers with Individual Website Packages. In this case if you are an accredited Exai service provider you will be able to "pay yourself" and withdraw your funds directly to your bank account for services rendered.