Clicking the transaction tab will bring you to your transaction table which shows all of the transactions which have been made through your account. This includes transfers from clients, payments for hosting plans, individual deposits and even disputes over payments in Bluesnap. For every transaction you will also have a link to the associated invoice. The table lists any transaction that has been made regarding your account. 

The table consists of the following fields:
ID - The ID of the transaction
Date - The date when the transaction was made
Status- The status of the transaction.

Each transaction has its own status (paid, charge back, paid from balance etc) which indicates what type of transaction took place.

Amount- The amount of cash that had been deposited/withdrawn from the balance (positive for deposits, negative for withdraws).
Details- The relevant details of the transaction including a link to each transaction
Calculation- Shows how the transaction was calculated
Balance -  new balance after transaction

Here is how to get to the transaction tab:

Step 1: Get into the CRM (go to and click on my sites.)

Step 2: Click on partner users.

Step 3: Click on transactions.