To select payment by status first log in to the CRM. Then, click on partner users. Next, click on the billing button and type in the status in the search bar. Finally check the sites which you want to pay for based on status.

Here is how to select payment via website status:

Step 1: Log in to the CRM.Step 2: Click on partner administrator tab.Step 3: Click on the Billing tab.  (See how to get into billing.)

You can select which websites you want to pay for based on their STATUS. For example you want to pay ONLY for published sites or active sites.Step 1) In CRM-Billing do a search for published. In this case you will only be presented with published sites.Step 2) Select allStep 3) You can now select how you want to pay for your published sites and click the pay from credit card option to complete your transaction for published sites only.