How to start making-receiving payments

In order to begin making or receiving payments you will need to confirm your credit card details. Upon confirmation we will charge you a $1 nominal fee which is non refundable.We do this due to the fact that Exai's billing system allows you to use anybody's credit card (including that of your clients). As such, your card will be held as security against any denied payments or charge backs incurred by using your clients credit card on the billing system.For example in the event that your customer cancels their order after we have already sent you the money for the transaction, for the same transaction, we will automatically debit the amount outstanding from your credit card.Step 1- Login to CRM-My Sites and click on the PARTNER ADMINISTRATOR tab on top right of the CRM dashboard.Step 2- Click BILLING tabStep 3- Click the CONFIRM tab (see below) in order to be redirected to confirm your card details and $1 charge.