Using the Dashboard


There are two main modes in the dashboard: DESIGN MODE and Widget MODE.

1. DESIGN MODE will let you edit any of the website LAYERS (choose a layer and corresponding widget) Click HERE to learn more about design mode.

 2. In Widget MODE you can drag a widget into any zone on the website and edit it. Click HERE to learn more about widget mode. 

• You can organize and design every part of your website using Exai's extensive list of WIDGET BLOCKS.

• In Exai, you manage widgets by clicking Widgets in the dashboard and dragging and dropping them into any location or zone on your site. 

• Each Widget provides a different set of features through editing the widget block after it has been placed on your site 

• Widget Blocks become available whenever you want to edit your site in Widget MODE or DESIGN MODE . 

Click the slide show below to see the difference between Widget MODE with corresponding dashboard and DESIGN MODE with the corresponding dashboard.