Add a New Column Line:

You can add another line of columns by treating the existing line of columns as a cube, like the other widgets on the website. This means that you have to drag and drop the widget from above or below with your mouse and then aim it towards the center of the line of columns and there will be a highlighted area either above or below the line of columns where you should place it. This creates a new column line.

As we already know columns can help modify the brick stones of the website, the widgets. But now let’s say that we have already prepared inner columns in our website and we don't want to add any more widgets to them. What we can do is open a new line of columns above or below the existing one.

Here is how to add a new column line:

Step 1: Click and drag a widget from the drag and drop menu (A to B).

Step 2: Drag above or below aiming for the center of where you want the new column. (The area of the row will be highlighted).

Step 3: Release the mouse to drop the image to the desired location creating a new line of columns either above or below an existing row.