The drag & drop of menus applies also between different menus. Click menu buttons and simply drag your button from one menu to a place in the other menu.

On Exai's site builder one of the unique features is that the drag & drop system works not only within a menu itself, but also between menus. This means you can take a category from one menu and transfer it to the other with the simple drag & drop system. This makes editing menu buttons and categories much easier.

Here is how to move buttons between menus:

Step 1: Click the menu buttons tab .

Step 2: Hover over the desired button. 

Step 3: Click and hold the button. 

Step 4: Drag it into the desired location from one menu to another.

When we transfer categories between menus, the buttons that we transferred will inherit the attributes of the current menu. This means the newly transferred button will look just like any other button in the menu we transferred it to.