Page Navigation

Exai CMS provides you with a number of options to NAVIGATE BETWEEN PAGES while in EDIT MODE.

There are three ways to navigate between pages:
Use the Page Navigation tab
Use page edit, in page settings Select PREVIEW mode from page settings. 

1. Page navigation tab:
While in EDIT MODE, select the  the 'Page Navigation' tab to choose the page you want to edit.

Here is how to edit another page:

Step 1: Click the page navigation tab.
Step 2: Then click the button/link of the page you want to navigate to. 
Step 3: Congratulations! You have navigated to another page - Now you can start to edit it!
Any link you click in page navigation mode will take you to the page's edit mode. Then you can edit the desired page.
2. Page settings:
1. Go to page settings. (Click the "Gears Icon") to access Page Settings).
2. Click on the page. you want to edit
3. Click edit.In PREVIEW MODE you can search the whole site. Just surf the site, select the page you require and choose EDIT to make any changes.