How to Delete Widgets:

In Exai CMS you can delete widgets from your page easily, with the ability to retrieve it after, in case you want to. Every single deleted item from any page is stored in Recycle Bin and stays there until you wish to clear the Recycle Bin.

Here is how to delete widgets:

Step 1: Hover over the desired widget with your mouse. 
Step 2: Click the delete button (in orange).

Congratulations you have deleted a widget! 

See the image below for “before” and “after” deleting the widget:
Your deleted widget is placed in the Recycle Bin! 

Note: In the Recycle Bin are placed all the widgets you have deleted from your website, thus making the delete option reversible. 

How does the Recycle Bin work?

Recycle Bin contains all the deleted widgets from your whole website. After deleting a widget, you can see it from any page and retrieve it from Recycle Bin anywhere you wish. For example, you can delete an item from one page, and retrieve it to the website on a completely different page, just by dragging it and dropping it from the Recycle Bin to the desired position. 

After retrieving an item, it will no longer be visible in the Recycle Bin.

How does the Clipboard work?

All the copied and cut items are placed in the Clipboard. There are two ways to place an item in the Clipboard, by Cutting and Copying the item. 

Cut: If you want to remove an item from a page and place it to another page you need to hover over the widget and click Cut (scissors icon). You will no longer see the item on the page. Next, to place the item into another page, open the desired page, click the Clipboard and you will find the cut items. Choose the item you cut earlier and place it anywhere you like by using the drag & drop feature. 

After placing an item back, it will no longer be visible in the Clipboard.   

Copy: If you want to make an exact same item as an existing one, you need to copy the item. First, hover over the item and click Copy (two papers icon). The copied item will be placed into the Clipboard, but you will still keep the original item on your page. Next, open the page you want to place the item on, click the Clipboard and drag & drop the copied item to the desired page or place. 

After placing the item, it will no longer be visible in the Clipboard. 

Exai’s website builder makes it easy to edit or do other changes to any of your websites. The CMS works with drag and drop, WYSIWYG features, giving even not experienced users ability to create a website.