Web Fonts

You can go to the font gallery pick your favorite font, then it is add to your palate. From your palate you just choose the font type and style of your desired font.

EXAI is unique to be the only CMS platform to adopt working with web fonts. We know you designers & users love working with custom good looking fonts you found on the web. On EXAI we have centralized most of the free web fonts on the web and categorized them properly according to the charateristics of: Thickness ,Slant & Width

Here is how I use Web Fonts on EXAI?

Step 1: On your text tab, choose the search icon ( in orange )

Step 2: Click your desired font from the gallery

Note: that after you click a certain font a list of styles of the same font will apear which you can select your font from.

Step 3: Click Done

Step 4: Mark the desired text 

Step 5: Choose the font type of your desired font ( in green )

Step 6: Choose the font style of your desired font (in blue)

Congratulations! You have learned the basics of using fonts on EXAI!