How to use Website Widgets?

The EXAI Site Builder offers you a large variety of website widgets in order to build your website. 
To use website widgets, simply drag and drop the widgets onto your page. The basic widgets include: text and image widget, header widget, image widget, gallery widget, and space widget. There are also more advanced widgets such as: form widget, canvas widget, social share widget, news widget, flash widget, and code widget.

Exai uses WIDGET BLOCKS that consist of text, media or space elements for you to place onto your website. Drag and Drop any widget you require from the menu onto your webpage and begin editing it. You can populate each WIDGET with content and images. Every WIDGET can be edited to suit your design requirementsIn general you can divide all the WEBSITE WIDGETS into two categoriesSimple Widgets - The most basic items used almost in every website Advanced Widgets - Items which offer you an advanced variety of options to build.

Editable widgets are found in the drag and drop menu. Place a widget anywhere on your webpage and begin editing it to enable it's features and functionality. There all kind of different widgets and you can see some on the screenshot below.

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