What is a form item widget?

Drag and Drop a Form widget onto your page. Form widgets are fully customizable by clicking EDIT MODE within the form item. From Edit Mode WITHIN the form widget you have a wide range of design options available.
A contact form provides your visitors with a convenient way to connect with you. You can include any number of fields that you want your visitor to complete in the form widget. 

To add a form widget to your website simply drag & drop it, to learn how click here.

Special Features:

Special drag & drop menu - Unlike many other items the form widget has its own unique drag and drop menu with its own sub-items. This menu exist so you can create your own customized menu which fits your website's needs.


Special recycle bin - Since the form widget has its own drag & drop menu it also has it's own recycle bin. Items which are deleted from the form widget will be moved to the recycle bin of the form widget and not to the regular recycle bin.