How to use an html header?

An html header is used for creating easy to drop titles around your website.

Here is how to add an html header:

Step 1: Drag and drop a header widget. 

Step 2: Click on the pencil icon. 

You will see the text dashboard (see below)

Html headers are titles helping your clients and search engines understand the structure of your page. The html header displays at the top of each page of your website.

By using headings (<h1>, <h2>, etc.) correctly and accurately, the content of your website will be well-organized and easily interpreted by screen readers.

Exai allows you to configure the <h1> through to <h6> settings by clicking the "level" tab on the dashboard.

Best practice with using HTML HEADERS indicates:
  • Use <h1> for the primary title of the page. Avoid using an <h1> for anything other than the title of the website and the title of individual pages.
  • Use headings to indicate and organize your content structure.Do not skip heading levels (example: go from an <h1> to an <h3>)

In the example below, we have included ONE <h1> title which is the main header and all sub headers at <h2>.