How to set the fade weight:

You can add fade weight by entering the image's edit mode. First, hover over the image and click the pencil icon. Then, you can add a fade effect by clicking the fade effect tab. Finally, type in the fade weight percentage in the box or adjust the slider to the left or right.

Fade weight is the amount of fade of the image from 0-100%.

You can either increase the fade weight making the image appear more blurred or decrease the fade weight making the image less blurred.

Here is how to set the fade weight:

Step 1: Click the pencil icon of the image widget. 

Step 2: Click Fade Effect (A). 

Step 3: Choose which fade effect you want to use from the menu (B)

Step 4: Adjust fade weight (C). 

See example image below.



Note: Right fade, fade weight 100%.