How to edit/replace an image in an image widget?

You can do an image search by uploading directly onto your website from your PC or SEARCH for any image in the Exai gallery. 

In this page we will discuss these two options to insert desired images into the image widget.

Here is how to edit/replace an image in an image widget:

Step 1: Click the pencil icon of the image widget.

Note: If it is a text and image widget, then click here to see how to enter the image's edit mode.

Step 2: Select UPLOAD to upload your image from your PC (Orange) or SEARCH (Green) to search for an image in Exai's gallery or your own gallery within Exai (all uploaded images are stored in the system)

Step 3: Do the search on your PC or within our Search Gallery

Step 4: SELECT your image and click done.

Note: Click on the image to select it.