How to crop an image:

To crop an image, you need to first hover over the image and click on the pencil icon. Then select the crop button. Finally, choose a crop option: custom, fitin, or ratio.

You can crop an image using the crop feature in the image's edit mode.

What are the crop options:

1. Custom-regular crop- drag selection to the desired spot of the image (red
2. Fitin button-image is cropped to the size of the container. (green)
3. Ratio-image keeps the dimensions when you select the desired spot. (purple

Step 4: crop the image to the desired dimensions based on one of the three options above. (Drag the crop tool to highlight from the top left corner down)

Step 5: Click done

What is cropping an image:

Cropping an image gives you the ability to show only relevant parts of the image and focus on it. Cropping an image shows only the selection of the image (less than the original). You crop to focus on the most important part of the image.