How to position the Read More Tab:

To position the read more tab, first enter the edit mode of the widget. Next choose the layout (left, right, or bottom). Finally align top, middle or bottom.

Here is how to position the Read More Tab:

Step 1: Click on the pencil icon of the widget. 

Step 2: Click on the read more tab (A) and choose the position (B) (left, right, or bottom). 

Step 3: Choose the alignment (C). 

Note: Screen shot of the first read more is positioned below on bottom right.  (See below for more examples of positions of Read More.)

There are 9 possible positions of the read more.

In order to set the bottom, middle, and top alignment positions, you need to set a container size.

If the container size is set to 0, the read more will auto-calculate in relationship to the text.